How To Optimize Your Email List By Targeting Your Traffic Source

How To Optimize Your Email List By Targeting Your Traffic Source

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How To Optimize Your Email List By Targeting Your Traffic Source

Just because you have a lot of people on your list doesn’t necessarily mean you will make you a lot of money.

There are a lot of list marketers with huge, bloated lists but are struggling. The reason is that they made the all-too-common mistake of assuming that the more, the merrier. That’s not going to cut it in modern email marketing.

You need to get the right people on your list. Otherwise, you’re going to get a lot of freebie downloaders on your list. These people don’t even bother to unsubscribe, but the damage remains the same. They are not likely to open your emails and not likely to convert. How can they? They don’t even read your emails.

Optimize Your List By Using Traffic Source Targeted Strategies

As much as possible, you should start with free traffic sources to optimize your squeeze page and your updates. By using free traffic, you should be able to get enough clues as to how to tighten up the incentive you’re offering, increase your squeeze page conversion rate, and maximize your email open rate.

How To Optimize Your Email List

When you use free traffic to get this information, you’re obviously saving money. The downside to this is you’re going to have to invest time into this. You’re still paying, but not in the form of money. Instead, you’re paying in the form of time.

Using free traffic, highlight your incentive. Use brand-building content to get people excited about the value of your updates. Keep optimizing your squeeze page and your updates until you are confident that these can convert paid traffic at a high enough rate.

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Paid Traffic Targeting Strategy

Once your squeeze page has been optimized by free traffic, start taking out paid adds. Now, I don’t suggest that you jump in with both feet and place $100 a day ad buys on Facebook or Google Adwords. Instead, I suggest that you optimize your squeeze page and your mailing list to paid traffic using small, targeted ad buys.

Start with $1 daily buys. Pay attention to your statistics. See if people are really converting at a high enough rate. Keep tweaking your squeeze page until your $1 ad buys convert at a fairly high rate.

Once you’ve done this, start optimizing your email updates to boost your conversion rate.
This requires a tremendous amount of attention to detail. You can’t be lazy about this. You can’t just “set it and forget it”.

You have to pay close attention to your ad campaigns so you can quickly deactivate campaigns that are not working out while increasing the volume of ad campaigns that are producing a higher level of conversions. You have to be proactive.

You can’t just sit back and spend money on paid ads. Believe me; paid ad costs can spike up very quickly especially if you are not paying close attention. At best, you would be throwing good money after bad on campaigns that are not working out.

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