How To Do Paid Advertising For More Website Traffic

How To Do Paid Advertising For More Website Traffic

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How To Do Paid Advertising For More Website Traffic

How To Paid Advertising

So far, we’ve discussed the numerous free ways that you can drive traffic to your site. While they will all do a great job of boosting your traffic numbers, there is no question, that paid traffic will get you faster results.

Paid traffic is a results-driven strategy that, when used correctly, can blow the lid off your ROI quickly while having the potential to explode your business more rapidly than you ever thought possible.

Pay Per Click – PPC

PPC is one of the most popular forms of paid advertising, and it is not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. Its appeal reaches

everyone from giant corporations to smaller online marketers. Its effectiveness has everyone wanting a piece of the money pie that springs form PPC platforms that populate the online advertising space.

While the PPC environment adapts to changes with new platform providers and regular updates to advertising rules, those who can master the method of pay per click advertising will continue to rake in massive traffic from what is a very targeted and highly converting customer base.

Pay per click advertising is an online auction-style process where a company bids money against other advertisers to have their particular keyword-targeted ad listed on certain websites. The company then gets charged when someone clicks on their ad, regardless of how many times the ad was seen. There are two main types of PPC advertising.

PPC search allows a text ad to show at the top or side of the search engine page. It is usually positioned against other ads depending on its bid and its quality score as determined by the search engine.

PPC display shows ads that are influenced by the advertiser’s targeting selections. They will usually appear on the content pages that are relevant to what the searcher is reading as well as their previous browsing history.

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Typically, PPC display ads catch the potential buyers that are looking for information, whereas PPC search ads are more likely to convert the prospect as they are searching by specific keywords and phrases.

Google and Bing are currently the dominant search engines for PPC advertising, and they both employ the quality score method. This assists the search engines in determining how your ad will rank. Scoring is from one to ten with the lowest score one.

You can help your bid cost and ad placements by promoting your quality score through the landing page and add keyword relevancy, and landing page loading time and quality. You will need to look into this deeper with the relevant networks before you begin your campaigns to ensure that you get the maximum value for the money you’re going to spend.

Pay Per View – PPV

While pay per view might not fit into one of your current sources of traffic yet, if you want to maintain a balanced marketing portfolio, it is one that you might want to seriously consider moving forward with.

With many marketers are looking for more freedom away from the claws of the ruling search engines, there is a collective movement toward PPV advertising. It appeals because it has wound back the clock to cheaper ad costs and more natural linking strategies that are enjoyed by smart marketers for significantly more traffic.

When you invest in PPV advertising your offers are shown to viewers who are receptive to them because they are expecting them and they signed on to receive them. This is the command that you gain when you invest in PPV advertising.

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Also known as cost-per-view, your offer only appears on the screen of your pre-qualified audience when they visit a particular website that you are targeting. This allows you to get your website in front of large crows without even trying to sell them to click on your ad.

The strength of the PPV systems allows you to bid on every URL of sites that people visit and direct them immediately to your offer. You can also collect their email addresses.

If you target your audience correctly, you can obtain extremely qualified leads for a relatively moderate price point.

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Facebook Advertising

We’ve already talked about how you can utilize Facebook to increase web traffic by establishing a solid business page and sharing your content with your audience. Now, we need to discuss how to take advantage of Facebook’s paid advertising campaigns to increase your traffic further.

With over one billion active users globally, advertising on Facebook works. It is because Facebook consistently delivers results that Internet marketers reveal techniques every week to boost website traffic. Since Facebook ads are extremely targeted toward the desired prospect, you are in complete control of your own to spend, which can be minimal, and your audience is already engaged and receptive.

There are two primary categories of Facebook ads, sponsored stores, and ads. Ads appear on the right sidebar of the page and in the newsfeed. Sponsored stories are shown to friends of a fan who interacted in some way with your Facebook page.

This could be either through commenting, reviewing or liking it. Depending on the type of ad, payment options include cost per click (CPC), and cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Given the nature of Facebook to make regular changes to its operating policies, it is recommended that you periodically check with their instructions page for any updates, especially if you notice your ads submissions are being denied on a regular basis.

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YouTube Ads

The TrueView ad system on YouTube allows you to reach people who want to watch your videos, thanks to how YouTube works with Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a method that will enable businesses to get their advertisements to rank higher when searching. When a link is connected to a specific keyword, that link will appear at the top of a search page for that particular word.

For YouTube, AdWords works a bit differently. You spend the money every time someone clicks on your video or watches the video. The videos and ads you produce will be displayed based on the keywords that someone uses to search or the viewers you are targeting.

The amount you spend will wholly depend on how many people click on your ad. You can also set up a budget with your ad so
that your ad will be removed after you’ve spent a specified amount.

Paid Advertising On Twitter

With the right strategies and by taking advantage of trends, you can make yourself more visible on Twitter without spending a dime. However, sometimes you may need a little bit of help to get recognized. After all, there are millions of tweets getting posted every minute of the day. This is where paid advertising can help.

Paid advertising is a valuable tool because it can help you make your tweets more visible. With Twitter advertising, you will get your tweets posted on individual pages and pages of others.

In many cases, those posts will be on search pages relating to the subject people are looking for. You can always use paid advertising to get your business more visible on Twitter.

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