How To Increase Your Website Traffic With Guest Blog Posts, Blog Comments And Forum Links

How To Increase Your Website Traffic With Guest Blog Posts, Blog Comments And Forum Links

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How To Increase Your Website Traffic With Guest Blog Posts, Blog Comments And Forum Links

While these may be a bit more time-consuming as methods for boosting your web traffic, when compared to others discussed, they pay a steady long-term return long into the future.

Unlike with social media, the links you post in the comments sections of other websites, and forums, and the guest posts you curate, don’t continue to get overshadowed by newer material, allowing them to remain visible for anyone who lands on a particular discussion page, website, or specific post.

The idea here isn’t to go crazy and start spamming links to your site everywhere you can, but to find relevant discussions on

competing websites and other similar amateur sites that people may often visit to read up on information that pertains to your business as well.

Commenting On Competing Websites

The most important thing to remember when utilizing competing websites to gain more traffic to your website, it that you only want to post a few links to your own business site, on each website. If you get too crazy with commenting on competing sites with a link back to your site, the site administrators may take action and remove the links back to your page, or remove your comments altogether.

To make the best use of competing websites, you want to make sure that the comments you make are meaningful and add value to the topic that is being discussed; otherwise, you’ll come off as nothing more than a spammer, effectively ruining your chances of increasing traffic to your site.

When you do make a meaningful comment, make sure to add a link to the content on your site that will add value to your point or broaden the scope of the topic at hand.

Commenting On Relevant Forums

Commenting On Relevant Forums

Apart from utilizing competing websites to boost your web traffic, there are several forums where you can post your link and request feedback on your site’s style, content, or general layout.

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Aside from the added advantage of gaining a fresh perspective regarding your site, you will also be opening up the door for potential visitors who enjoy what you have to offer, to refer your website to others, merely out of respect for your creation.

Since the forums differ greatly regarding topical interest, it may take a while to find a discussion that works for you, especially if your business in highly niched. One recommendation in this regard is to find a sub-Reddit that is relevant to your content or business, make a contribution to the discussion and post your links.

Again, the populace here is pretty well-trained to deal with spam- posters, so only add things on Reddit after you feel you’ve made an established addition to the ongoing discussion. You need to be careful because if you post content that is unrelated to the topic at hand, your credibility will dive.

niche blog authority

Given a large number of people who visit these sites, the links and referrals that you post will bring visitors to your site for a long time to come.

Besides driving more visitors to your site directly through the links themselves, your efforts will have another influence as well.
Search engine crawlers operate by creating inter-connecting networks between various sites on the Internet, all of which build up towards nodal connections that could drive visitors down hundreds of paths.

With the operational procedure behind these coded trawlers, the high the number of links that you have pointing back to your website, the higher you’ll rank within the search index.

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When you build a substantial number of links between you and other prominent websites in your industry, the higher up you will be displayed during search functions. This will dramatically improve your visibility and drive more visitors to your site.

Submitting To Stumble Upon – (Now

After you’ve worked on your mass-link distribution campaign, you need to spend some time on StumbleUpon and other similar sites. Submit your site’s URL to these sites, and they will continue to direct people from their visitor base to your site randomly.

Although you may not think that is the method will work, you will be shocked to learn that the number of visitors to your site could increase by thousands once Stumblers begin to show up on your site.

Guest Blog Posts

Guest Blog Posts

Along with distributing links and utilizing social media platforms to drive traffic to your site, another easy way to increase your visitors is by collaborating with other, more established cyber personalities. The easiest way to do this is to offer to contribute guest blogs to other sites.

Since you have your own experience and skills, and many other sites are always looking to expand their own content range, you would be able to write for many sites, and maybe even distribute the same article to numerous sites at the same time if you can negotiate non-exclusive arrangements with them.

While many sites may offer financial compensation to guest writers, they also have other options that don’t involve monetary compensation. Some will allow you to publish more links alongside your brief author bio that can help to open a door between their entire visitor base and your content.

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However, if you aren’t much of a writer, you can always employ someone else to write your copy, or you may want to consider inviting other professionals to provide guest blogs for your site in exchange for greater publicity for them through their article or even monetary compensation.

This is another excellent way to open your content and website to their established audience, which they could to your site through their own self-promotion.

Guest blogging works wonders for increasing website traffic because people store more faith in sources where multiple professional voices are providing their opinions on a host of related issues, rather than a single contributor.

Collaborations also serve as new changes in voices and style and may even serve to help bolster dwindling interest in your site in the absence of content from a new writer.

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