How To Become A Niche Authority Quickly

How To Become A Niche Authority Quickly

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How To Become A Niche Authority Quickly

As I mentioned previously in this book, you need to get a community to develop organically around your brand if you want to be successful online. It doesn’t matter whether you have a blog that is attached to an online store, you just have a resource website or you’re building some sort of authority platform, you need to develop authority.

How do you do this? In as short of a time as possible, keep the following ideas in mind.

First, you need to adopt the right mindset

It’s very easy to think that for you to succeed, somebody else has to fail. It’s easy to think that all the resources available online can be reduced to some sort of pie. For your slice of these resources and online success to increase, somebody’s slice has to get smaller. Get rid of that mindset.

Instead, look to expand the size of the pie. If you want another analogy, look to create a rising tide that lifts all boats. Both these analogies lead to the same place. It’s all about creating a win-win solution. For you to win, somebody doesn’t necessarily have to lose. You can cooperate, so you can mutually benefit. Get the idea? Good. You will need it.

Interview Your Way To The Top

By this point, you should have already reverse engineered your competitors, so you know who is authoritative and credible in your niche. Find those people and ask them if you can interview them. Now, you’re not going to be interviewing them one by one. You’re not giving any custom interviews with customized questions.

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Instead, you’re just going to give them a questionnaire and you’re going to be publishing their answers. When you do this, you create niche-specific authoritative content that targeting certain keywords. This leads to more search engine traffic to your website. Sure, it’s self-promotional because this content has a link to whoever it is you interviewed, but this creates a
win-win situation.

You get more search engine traffic and they get a nice backing. When you do this, you also get free content. People would love to share with you a guest post that they may have come up with. They might share with an authoritative infographic. Whatever the case may be, this content is self-promotional because they expect a link in return. But it, again, gives you free content.

Let me tell you, highly-quality, authoritative content is not cheap. Additionally, when you interview the movers and shakers in your niche, you get on the radar with these people. This opens the doors to more future deals like guest posts and group blogging.

Finally, when you link out to their websites, which obviously have a higher authority level than your site, you actually get an SEO boost. This is called the hilltop update from Google.

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Hire A Virtual Assistant To Get Interviews

So, how do you interview your way to the top? Well, you can do things yourself or you can hire a Virtual Assistant from a service like The virtual assistants from this service for a very affordable $30 per day. You can hire them on a day to day basis. Maybe you hire them for two days or maybe one day, it’s all up to you.

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They are very talented, eager and motivated. You can instruct them to find all blogs and other resource sites in your niche. You then tell them what kind of information to look for and how to filter the info. They will look for experts who run their own blogs in your niche. They will get their first name and last name, as well as their email address and social media accounts.

Once they have this information, you supply them with an interview questionnaire template. This is the email template that pitching them to be interviewed by you.

Essentially, you are telling your Virtual Assistants to open the interview “sale” for you and you close it when recipients of your emails respond using their email address included the template that you’ve given your virtual assistants.

What else should you ask for? Well, in addition to the interview, ask them to guest post on your website and ask them for a piece of content that you will pitch to other sites.

This is crucial because when they give you that piece of content and you get to publish another blog, that content will not only have a link to your interviewee’s website, but it will also have a link to your site.

Sounds awesome, right? Believe it or not, when you set up interviews in your niche, you kill many birds with one stone. It truly is amazing. You can generate content and also set up traffic later on.

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