How To Email Marketing

How To Email Marketing For Success

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How To Email Marketing

How To Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to communicate with your customers by sending promotional messages directly to their inbox and gives them a call to action to respond to your campaign. This sort of marketing is divided into two main styles, bulk email marketing campaigns, and opt-in letters and updates.

While dependent on email to maximize your visibility, both of these kinds of campaigns work in entirely different ways.

Bulk Email Campaigns

Bulk email campaigns typically deal with purchasing email lists from organizations and sending mass emails containing excerpts, commercial advertising, newsletters, offers, and promotional material to the people on the list.

However, because you obtained your information from a third- party, it is likely to result in several recipients sending your email blasts directly to the spam folder. This action will significantly lower your credibility as a sender within the parameters of the email service providers.

When this happens, it’s likely that any promotional material that you send in the future will be lost within the junk folders and your targeted audience would never even see the email.

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Opt-In Email Campaigns

The second way to utilize email marketing is through an opt-in marketing campaign. While this approach requires more time and effort, it has been shown to be considerably better suited for businesses and performs better than bulk email. Opt-in marketing means that when visitors previously viewed your site, they filled out and opt-in to join your regular subscriber base.

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This ensures that the primary list of people, who may have just received your update email, was already interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions and can help you to further refine your content and delivery in order to tweak your content.

Advantages Of Email Marketing

First off, email marketing is an inexpensive option because it costs significantly less per customer to generate than other marketing strategies. Since the medium is hugely scalable, you have the ability to commit as much or as little as you want to utilize email marketing.

Email marketing campaigns have been shown to provide a high return on investment, (ROI). This is partly due to the fact that the average cost per customer is so low. With email marketing, you aren’t spending as much, in the beginning, to put the campaign in place and you are targeting a pre-qualified set of customers.

The flexibility of email marketing also has a significant impact on increasing traffic to your site because targeted email marketing allows you to personalize campaigns for your customers. When you know part of their needs will be met by your brand, product, or services, you can customize the email to fit that specific need, allowing you to gain more customers per marketing dollar.

Opt-in email marketing is also an excellent way for your business to maintain the relationship it has with existing customers and ensure they are aware of new offers, products, and services. When done correctly, email marketing can provide with a high return on investment.

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However, if you don’t get this right, you can lose your current customers. If you don’t have any experience with email marketing campaigns or don’t have an in-house talent to help you with this, you may want to consider hiring an expert to help you set up your campaign.

Finally, an email campaign allows you to easily measure its effectiveness more than any other kind of direct marketing. With an email marketing campaign, you are able to track every opened email, every click, every email that is shared right through to the sale.

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Best Practices For Success With Email Marketing

Around 90 percent of the visitors to your website will leave without buying something from you on their first visit. However, by creating an attractive and compelling opt-in offer, you can at least get their contact details. Then you can use your email marketing campaign to follow up on their interests, build relationships, and convert them into paying customers.

Offer Free Valuable Information

One of the best ways to develop a relationship with your potential customers and establish credibility is to offer free valuable information when they provide you with their email address.

Sending your subscribers’ valuable, free information, like an authoritative eBook, will help them get to know you better and build their trust in your business. Once you’ve established your credibility, you can dramatically increase your chances of converting subscribers into lifelong customers.

Announce Regular Specials

If you want to encourage repeat customers, announce specials on a regular basis. As you start to collect emails, you can begin to send your customers and subscribers with regular updates letting them know about your online-only specials.

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If you set it up to where customers can get these specials in another way, then there is no reason for them to continue to pay attention to your emails. If you can continue to send exclusive discount offers through email, then they will continue to see a value in the communication.

Host Exclusive Customer Only Events

Everyone wants to feel special and like they are in an exclusive club. Providing enticing, customer-only rewards is one of the best ways to capitalize on the lifetime value of your customers, as well as reinforcing the importance of opening up your emails.

If you own an online business, you can create a particular page on your site that is accessible only to customers and then send them an email telling them how to take advantage of the specials you advertise and post on that page.

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