How to Utilize YouTube For Your Business

How to Utilize YouTube For Your Business

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How to Utilize YouTube For Your Business

When someone mentions social media in terms of business tools not many people think of YouTube. While it may not initially look like it is a suitable platform for marketing, it has become even better.

Creating and uploading video content on YouTube is a fantastic method for increasing the visibility and reliability of your brand.

It has had many ups and downs since it made its debut in 2005, but today it is one of the most visited sites around the world.

Every day, more and more videos are being uploaded, and in 2019 YouTube claimed that 500 hours of new videos were being uploaded to the site every minute.

Now YouTube allows high-quality videos, live streaming, 3D, 360° videos, as well as being able to manage your profile, create partnerships with video creators, and much more. YouTube allows the uploading of videos in most container formats.

It also allows 3GP, meaning videos can be uploaded from mobile phones. This can make it easier for you to decide to advertise your brand on YouTube. While other social networks are trying to incorporate videos to their sites, YouTube sticks with what it does best.

To present your brand correctly on YouTube, you need to set up an account, create a channel and make a short video about your brand and yourself and tell your viewers what they can expect from your channel. If you want to be successful, your videos need to have a purpose.

How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Business

While the user base of YouTube makes up the essence of every single social medium, a supporter on YouTube is substantially more vital than a user of either Facebook or Twitter. Facebook users are a lot more challenging to reach than they used to be, and Twitter users see an onslaught of tweets, making it more than likely that your tweets will go unnoticed.

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Almost 90 percent of viewers see themselves as a “normal” YouTube client. The convenience of YouTube, combined with its capacity to make huge numbers of various social signs, makes the platform a critical piece of any informal business marketing system. Potential new clients will see your new videos, and they will focus on the message in the videos, and even pull in new endorsers.

Remain Active

YouTube channels with the highest popularity are those that consistently update content. If you decide to use video as a tool for advertising your brand, you will need to make and upload a lot of videos. This can be done in numerous ways. You can create webcasts and webinars that can be broken up and posted as a series. You can create short tutorials or explainer videos and product demonstrations.

Along with posting a lot of videos, you also need to actively respond to comments left by other users of the platform. People will rate your videos and leave comments. You will need to respond to this feedback as soon as possible and be professional in your response. Remember, this isn’t your personal site, but your brand’s window to the world.

Customize Your Channel

Show what your business channel is really about so that it can be visible from plain sight. It will be great if you can create a channel that doesn’t look like every other YouTube page. Add some color, images, links, and relevant information.

If possible, use your logo, particular color palette, tone, and slogans, so your viewers associate the video with your business. Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, so they receive notifications when you upload new videos.

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Think Through Your Titles

People usually search YouTube the same way they do on Google, so you want to make sure that you use keywords that are relevant to your business and phrases that describe what they might be looking for. If you need a description for a video, there is a place for that as well.

Be sure to explain your video in a few short sentences, including your top keywords and add a link to your company’s website or blog so people can find you if they want to get more information.

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Engage With Your Audience

One of the most critical aspects of social media and what makes it different from all other press is that you get to see the comments and feedback from your users in real time. The moment you post a video on YouTube, your customers can comment and like your video and share it on their other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Having one of your videos go viral on social media can be worth thousands of dollars in free marketing, getting some companies to dedicate themselves to creating YouTube campaigns that will gain real exposure for their companies.

If you take into consideration the amount of money some brands are spending on marketing their products, there is no doubt that successful YouTube campaigns can save you significant amounts of money and make your brand huge at the same time. The real trick to finding success on YouTube is communicating and interacting with your audiences.

Long gone are the days of merely throwing a TV ad out there and hoping that something good will come of it. Today, the trick is in interaction, which means keeping track of what your customers are commenting, even if those comments may seem like trolling. Yet comments made by trolls can gain you more exposure if you play your cards right.

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For instance, if there is a joke that continues to recur in the comments section of your YouTube videos, why not use this to your advantage and create a video that uses this joke as its theme and make your audience love your brand because you took the joke in jest, rather than immediately going on the defense. The truth is that audiences today love the hype and stuff that can go viral, so why not give them what they want.

What’s more, the comments section of your YouTube channel is a great place to give your customers some great support without them even having to ask for it. It won’t cost you too much to have one customer support agent go through the comments on a regular basis and leave replies wherever they can to help the customers out.

If your customers need some help or seem confused, the agent can help them, and if they are merely commenting on the product, they can interact with them, which can often lead to better customer satisfaction and more exposure. A happy customer is more likely to recommend you to people and share your content on their social media, which translates into free marketing.

Generally speaking, you could say that interacting with customers on your all of your social media platforms is key to increasing awareness of your brand, and YouTube is undoubtedly one where communicating with your audience can lead to great results.

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